*All dogs must be vaccinated. Please, no young puppies whose vaccination series isn’t complete.
*Please clean up after your pet. Poop bags and stations are provided.
*Contest fee is for one pet in costume. There is a $1 fee for each additional pet in costume.
*Wagon Floats must be pull wagons – children’s wagons or garden wagons – nothing motorized. Strollers are fine.
*The Egg Hunt will be in 2 areas: one for small dogs & one for large dogs. When dog touches egg, you may put it in the basket. Please don’t let dog eat plastic egg! All eggs saved & returned to us for next year will be appreciated.
*The Easter Bunny will be available for photos with your family & pet in front of an Easter backdrop. You will need to bring your own camera.
*Any cakes and bakery items left over from the Cake Walk will be for sale.
*Following the Raffle Drawing, you may enjoy a leisurely picnic in the park.
*Leashes are required by the park. However, at an event like this, dogs on long and, particularly, retractable leashes will inevitably end up wound around other dogs, children, trees, etc. Please keep the leash short enough to be manageable.

There is no requirement to enter the contests. You’re welcome to just bring your pet & enjoy a fun day in the park for free. We will have several donation jars if you would like to help us out with the expenses of running a large & busy shelter.