In addition to financial support, MARL is also in need of everyday items that make it easier to provide support for our animals. These items are itemized, but are by no means ALL that we need. If you have any items to donate, you can drop them off any time that we are open. We appreciate your support so much!

Most of these items can also be purchased through our Amazon Wishlist.

Dogs/Puppies Cleaning Supplies
Dog & Puppy Chow (Purina or Pedigree) 39 gal & 13 gal heavy duty garbage bags
Dog & Puppy Treats Windex, 409
Stuffed Toys Lysol Wipes
Beds Brooms and Dustpans
Hand Towels
Cats/Kittens Bleach
Cat & Kitten Chow Toilet Paper & Paper Towels
Clay Cat Litter Hand Sanitizer
Cat or Kitten Toys Liquid Hand Soap
Toilet seat covers for Cat Cages Liquid Dishwashing Detergent
Horses/Burros/Goats etc. Office Supplies
12% & 10% Sweet Feed Pens
Crimped Oats Scotch Tape
Hay Staples
Copy Paper
Manila File Folders
Flash Drives